4 Reasons Why Redwood Is Goodwood

1. It Looks Great

Redwood has a long, beautiful grain which aesthetically-minded homeowners will agree, lends a classic, yet stylish look to any room. Inside or out, Redwood’s vibrant colour can characterize any space, indoor or outdoor. Whether this material is used for shedsdecking,  flooring, carcassing or fencing, redwood can set your home or garden apart from the rest.

Redwood's Distinctive Grain

2. Durability

Another feature of redwood a perfect building material is its general resistance. Redwood is weather-resistant and contains natural resins which deter pests such as termites. Another considerably beneficial aspect of Redwood is it’s ability to hold water for a longer period of time than other kinds of wood. When moisture is retained in the wood, the planks stay where they are supposed to be. This means that outdoor constructions built from redwood to endure wet conditions far better than other types of timber where wood planks can quickly become shrunken, wizened and  warped.


3. Easy to Work With

Many carpenters we do business with inform us that redwood is very easy to work with make into decking. As a softer wood, redwood can be less likely to buck a saw, or stop power tools with hard knots. Overall, this wood is a winner when it comes to completing quality decks or other projects which improve the value of any home or property.

4. Stains

Another benefit of redwood decks is that they don’t require the same kinds of stains that other decks require to look good. A sealer is necessary for many redwood projects, as it’s essential to maintain a redwood deck, in order keep the timber presentable in the long term.

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