Dressing up the House

If you feel as though your house could do with some more convenient storage, a better use of space or even just a fresh new look why not invest in some quality dressed redwood? We've already given written a blog providing 5 Reasons Why Redwood is a Goodwood for construction in general, however it is of particular use for indoor projects. The grain is attractive and it's pleasant odor has it being used in many air freshners. It's sustainably sourced and easy to come by. It's durable and easy to work with. The list goes on! 

Custom shelving to slot next to a grand fireplace.

For better suitability for indoor use, rough-sawn redwood can be dressed using a planing machine, essentailly smoothing out the wood to avoid splinters and allow for oils, paints and varnishes etc. This type of timber is also referred to as 'plain-sawn edged' or 'PSE'. 

For some inspiration on indoor projects, have a look at some work from James Ward Design.

A beautiful bay window seat to complete the picturesque view.Extra storage under the bed. Great for keeping a house tidy!Perhaps you need a home for your books or CDs.

This cupboard fits the room like a glove thanks to the workkable properties of redwood.

For more example of James Ward's skillful work, visit his website, or, if you'd like him to build some furniture for your home, contact James Ward Design at 07801 533124.