How Larch Ages

Larch is a fantastic timber for outdoor construction. It provides a durable, malleable and attractive material which can really compliment any project.

However, builders beware! Without treatment, that bright firey wood that you found in the racks won't stay that way once it's exposed to the elements. A combination of water and sun erodes the surface of living wood cells and dries out it's natural oils.

This natural process of aging can be avoided by applying a good stain to the larch after around five weeks, once the drying process has finished. Reapply it every two years to keep your wood looking vibrant.

Or you can let nature take it's course and allow the wood to age gracefully, leaving it with a silvery grain which is far more subtle than its previous bold orange.

If you remember a previous blog about the hide at Gosforth Nature Reserve. Thanks to the beautiful photography of Jill Tateyou can now see the effects of time on larch first hand.

Jill Tate Photography © Gosforth Nature Reserves hide was constructed using Quay Timber cladding