James Ward Custom Furniture Design

James Ward is a carpenter and furniture designer based in Newcastle upon Tyne. He makes great use of Quay Timber products to design his custom furnishings in a clean and recognisable style. 

James recently built this expansive desk and set of shelves for a loft room.

Primarily utilizing our range of dressed redwood, James has constructed everything from beds, to cupboards to book shelves. Redwood is a fantastically versitile material for interior woodworking. It not only has an attractive grain and a clean dressed finish, but is also easy to machine and adapt to virtually any shape or size!

Here’s some of his work below, check out his website www.jameswardart.co.uk or his instagram @Jamesward52.

A set of wooden shelves James has installed to tie together the room

a raised bed with draws underneath, the perfect storage solution!furnishings like shelves can be shaped to fit any room and serve any needs

To contact James for prices and commissions, just email him at jamesward52@gmail.com or phone on 07801533124.