J&L Pigeon Loft

J&L Timber Products have been busy constructing a pigeon loft from scratch.

The build began with a base fashioned from 100 x 47 Treated Joists using 450mm wide centres.

The Base

Then walls were erected with 12mm Chinese Hardwood Ply using 75 x47mm stud work. Barred windows were added to contain the birds with 12mm Pine Dowel (this product is also available in Hardwood).

Taking shape with plywood sheetsRoof trusses were added to form a pitched roof

Before being finished with tiles, the lads at J&L added tar poling for waterproofing and insulation, this was fastened using 22 x 50mm Roofing Lats. The walls were cladded with 125 x16 Shiplap. The finished loft was fitted with rows of pigeon holes constructed from more 12mm plywood and pine dowels on the interior.

Raising the roof

If you are looking to have a high quality pigeon loft such as this built, contact J&L Timber for a free quote.

For any advice about DIY shed building contact Quay Timber with your measurements!

The finished product