Lawns and Borders and Hot tubs

One of our long-time customers and friend from Lawns and Borders, Lewis, has shared a few pictures of his luxurious hot tub setup. A little hideaway tucked in his back garden reveals a great chillout spot for the summer evenings.  

He's started with a little deck platform built from Quay TImber's redwood decking. Our 2.4 metre and 3 metre lengths were perfect for the smaller space. Our C16 easi-edge carcassing provided a sturdy but affordable framework for the boards to sit on.  

What would you put on your deck?

Lewis then constructed a screen using roofers’ lats. These thin strips of 16x38mm timber create a nice outdoor blinds effect, keeping a nice element of privacy in the garden hideaway.  As if our range of lapped fence panels wasn’t enough, Lawns and Borders show here how they can build you a professional looking fence with just a few supplies from us! 

The garden is now the perfect place to relax in barbeque season.  

Contact Lawns and Borders if you'd like this quality of work in your own garden!

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