Machining and Cutting

Whilst some timber yards will only machine timber if you bought it from them, Quay Timber is more than happy to machine any timber you bring in (upon inspection*) - and with our range of machines we can tackle most jobs that would leave the average person in a fix.


Simply drop into the yard or call us to discuss the specifics of any machining job you need us to undertake.

We have the following machines available for use:

  • Cross Cut - This circular saw is used for cutting timber to the right length.
  • Table Saw - This table-mounted circular saw is used to 'rip' boards along their length.
  • Bandsaw - Our heavy duty bandsaws are used to 'rip' any timber that is too deep to cut with the table saw.
  • Wall Saw - This hydraulic powered saw is used to cut large sheets such as plywood either horizontally or vertically.
  • Spindle Moulder - This machine is used to add a profile to a length of timber, making it perfect for creating things like skirting boards.
  • Router - This is used to add a shape to the edge of a piece of timber, such as a chamfer or round.
  • Planer - This is used to reduce the thickness of a piece of timber, or to simply apply a smooth finish to rough sawn timber.
  • Mitre Saw - This adjustable saw is used to cut a length of  timber at an angle.
  • Belt Sander - This handheld sander is useful for cleaning and finishing reclaimed wood.
  • Chainsaw - For tough pieces of timber like reclaimed railway sleepers, a chainsaw is the best way to get through them.  

* Wood containing metals or foreign elements are unsafe for cutting. 

* No cutting after 4PM

NEW: We now have the capability to machine custom skirting, with the ability to match profiles up to a height of 100mm. To get a quote, please bring a sample of the board you are trying to match to our yard.