The Wood Den Books

Grant from The Wooden Den has been busy machining these attractive oaken books from some American white oak from Quay Timber's hardwood range. The books would make the perfect personalised gift for any number of occasions. Weddings, birthdays, christenings and anniversaries could all be marked with one of these timeless plaques. Oak is ideal material for this type of milestone esque gift as a celtic symbol of purity, constancy and durability.

A touching thought carved into an oak tree.

The books were machined using a CNC machine. These nifty devices redefine cutting edge technology, converting computerized numerical inputs into automated designs. The CNC machine is a great way of shaping intricate designs out of oak, which would otherwise be very difficult and timeconsuming to sculpt in such a way. For a better idea of how the machine works check it out in action on The Wooden Den's video here.

The Wooden Den has a great selection of quirky bespoke products including clocks, chopping boards, door plaques and keyrings, all made to a high standard and bespoke to each customer. Give them a like on Facebook and check out the selection here!

A heartfelt send-off that will stand the test of time.