Oak Leaf's Beech Sleeper Firepit

Keep cozy while you grill thanks to Oak Leaf Landscaping & Design

As winter draws in, some of you may have already hung up your tongs, put away your comical aprons and accepted that barbeque season is over. But just hold on! If this thought is too depressing, why not comission Oak Leaf Landscaping & Design to build a stylish new firepit for your garden? 

Firepits can add a focal point to any garden, giving you a cozy spot to beat the cold whilst entertaining guests and enjoying your garden. Not only this, but firepits look great are brilliant cooking appliances in themselves, and are perfect for roasting marshmallows and cooking up other delicacies like kebabs, sausages and steaks.

Jaro from Oak Leaf Landscaping and Design used some of our Brown Beech Sleepers to construct this attractive tabletop style firepit. Some softwood carcassing was use for the legs of the structure and the tabletop was finished with fireproof ceramic tiles leaving a truly striking end result. 

A picturesque corner for entertaining and relaxing

The pit was paired with a concrete barbeque built from concrete blocks to provide a themed look for the garden and even more options for cooking. A frame and roof were built above the barbeque to provide shelter with a distinctly european look, tying the whole thing together with conctete bolts to make this garden a real showstopper. 

If you fancy an expertly built firepit or any similar features for your garden give Oak Leaf Landscaping & Design a call at 07487311811