Planter Mania at the Mailings

Martin Baldwin has been busy working on a project for the multi-award-winning development ‘The Mailings’ just beside the Quay Timber Yard.

A row of Martin's planters populated with freshly watered plants

Martin has been installing planters along the adjoining alley to provide some much needed greenery to the bare wall. Once completed the planters should breath new life into the entrances to many of ‘The Mailing’s’ flats with a lush garden to tend.

Martin and his handywork

Martin started with 75x75 fence posts to construct a framework which he then completed with a V-jointed T&G larch body. Scaffolding boards were used to support the inside of the planters along with with breathable fabric membrane to on which to lay the soil bed.

With the planters in place, some plants should finish the job!

The planters were then capped with some C16 easi-edge planter capping (150x47x4800). Everything was screwed in place using fixed trimhead decking screws which pull straight into the wood, ensuring there are no exposed screwheads for good health and safety.

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