The Star and Shadow Project

The Star and Shadow are moving!

Caution, Building in Progress!

An exciting project is taking place to rehouse the independent cinema to a larger venue: a former furniture store on Warwick Street. In a huge scale project, a team of dedicated builders are set to transform an empty shell into a hub of film, music and creativity.

Blueprints from Mawsonkerr Architects were developed with plans to accommodate a cinema, live music venue and recording studio.

The Star and Shadow team believe strongly in supporting local businesses, this led them down the road, through the Ouseburn, straight to Quay Timber.

The volunteer led force made use of Quay Timber’s quality C16 and CLS when constructing the inner skeleton of the building into separate venues. OSB was used to section off the ceiling and allow for insulation. There are also plans to install redwood flooring for a durable yet timeless look.

The bones of a cinema!

The studio is in the process of being built with the help of Apex Acoustics, who are using double leaf construction for the best possible acoustic space.

The soundproofed studio spaceThis method of insulation doubles as effective soundproofing

The daunting project of renovating the industrial looking warehouse into a fully functional cinema is becoming a reality. We can’t wait to see the results!

Watch this space!