If you've ever find yourself leaning against the bar on the Newcastle club circuit trying to grab the attention of a bartender, you might have unknowingly been in contact with some quality Quay Timber building materials! 

Tup Tup Palace in all its glory

Ever wondered what goest into constructing a nightclub? Ep22 Wood Works collaborated with designer Chris Sutton and have provided some excellent snaps of the renowned diamond strip staples: Tup Tup Palace and The Cut. Both of which were remodelled using quay timber materials. 

The Ep22 Crew fashioned fancy booths worthy of true VIP clubbers using carcassing and sheet materials. Feature walls were also constructed using carefully machined MDF. 

Finished booths for the nights' revellers

A feature ceiling was fashioned from plain sawn edge dressed redwood and grade A sleepers installed as rustic ceiling supports.  

Attractive ceiling columns make the club look almost like an enchanted forest

Great work adding to Newcastle's vibrant nightlife culture! 

For more info on materials used contact desk@quaytimber.com