Upmarket Timber for Lowfell Developments

Former Quay Timber employee Kyle Spence has gone on to start his own joinery business. For the last year he has been busy working with Lowfell Developments on two up-market houses based in the heart of Lowfell.  

Quay Timber took a trip out to the site to see how their products are being used to create fences, decks, oak handrails and more.  

An Arial View of the stepped back garden fence

A side view showing the length of the fence.

The fence spanning the two back gardens was a big job to say the least, and with a 25 foot drop off to one side, Kyle had to take extra care when installing it. After laying down a retaining wall using hardwood sleepers, some 2400mm fence posts were attached to provide stable foundations for the fence rails and 1800mm square edge fence boards. The fence was expertly stepped downwards to follow the incline of the side-road seamlessly, with care taken to ensure that the fence was consistently level. A back gate was added for ease of entry using some black tee hinges and matching fence boards. 

Adding rails to the fence with Kyle. the back gate with tee hinges

The redwood decking had custom railings built from spooned weatherboard to cordon off the raised section of the garden and frame the back entrance to the house.  

A closeup of the softwood decking.

Inside the house, Kyle has been adding dressed oak handrails to the stairs by machining out a groove for the glass using a router. This makes for an attractive modern looking staircase.  

The oak handrail staircase.

One of these attractive homes is still up for sale at the time of this blog post. 

If you're in need of a good joiner, contact Kyle at kylesjoinery@gmail.com

Watch out future projects from Kyle's Joinery and Lowfell Developments featuring Quay Timber's premium building materials!