The Valley of Ply

There's great new activities popping up throughout the Ouseburn Valley all the time, the most recent of which is appropriately named 'The Valley'. This is a world class climbing centre was opened by Climb Newcastle directly opposite Quay Timber. It provides a great hub near the cente of the city for all bouldering and climbing enthusiasts, whether they're looking to really test themselves on the trickier 'problems' or just to have some fun with friends.

But what's a climbing centre without walls?! Quay Timber provided all the plywood necessary for building and shaping the various ingenious climbing walls of the centre. Check out the work in progress below:

After managing to raise over £25,000 through crowd funding, The Valley team set to work. Overhangs and wooden rockfaces were constructed and painted (some 30 metres tall!), the routes were designed and handholds were set giving climbers various colour-coded difficulties to challenge themselves with. Specially developed matting was put down for that all important safety factor so the place is kid-friendly too!

The climbing centre opened for a tester weekend on the 2nd of October with a special guest appearance from Dan Varian, the renowned boulderer and 'first-ascentionist extraodinaire', who gave a talk on the renaissance of bouldering occurring in Northumberland.

Whether you're an experienced climber or just looking for a fun new hobby to get fit, The Valley is the perfect place to go!

Who knows, you could even drop into Quay Timber whilst you're in the area...