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We offer friendly advice to help find the best wood for the job.

Quay Timber provides value, quality and helpful service
Timber DeckingFencing, Railway SleepersHardwood Flooring
or anything else!

Need help building durable deck or installing a beautiful hardwood floor?  Just call our friendly staff and we'll provide professional advice on any wood related enquiries from decking to shelving to roofing.

Cutting & machining services

Whilst some timber yards will only machine timber if you bought it from them, Quay Timber is more than happy to machine any timber you bring in - and with our range of machines we can tackle a variety of jobs. Nobody wants to take on a railway sleeper with a handsaw!

Simply drop into the yard or call us to discuss the specifics of any custom machining job you would like to undertake.


* Wood containing metals or foreign elements are unsafe for cutting. 

* No cutting after 4PM

* Sometimes, verbal calculations can be misunderstood if not clarified in writing, please understand that Quay Timber cannot be held responsible for misinterpretation of any such orders.

* Please note that PSE timber is sold in nominal sizes - this means that the finished dimension is 5-6mm thinner than stated. eg. 25mm x 25mm PSE is actually around 20mm x 20mm.

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