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Fitting a Doorframe in 10 Easy Steps

Doorframes are notoriously difficult to fit; some joiners even refuse to go near them! Doorframe casing kits have made things easier with their standard door widths, however this doesn’t help much when your doorway is a non-standard size or has crooked walls. Accurate measurements are crucial to achieving a good fit, as is patience. This quick guide will walk you through constructing and installing a doorframe without any trouble in 10 steps. 

Top 6 Uses for Railway Sleepers and Wooden Beams

Whether they’re treated for outdoor use, rustic and distressed or dressed for a smooth finish, railway sleepers can provide a solid building block for any number of projects. We’ve just had a freshly sawn delivery of beautiful oak sleepers arrive at Quay Timber. So here is our top 10 list of ideas and inspirations for sleepers ranging from garden to home! 

1. An oak sleeper fire surround or mantel.  

An oak mantle could provide a stunning centrepiece for any living room, giving your home a classy rustic aesthetic with timeless stlye.  

Quay Timber Offers Bespoke Skirting

Got some awkward, non standard skirting boards in your home which need to be replaced? Perhaps you just have your eye on a very specific pattern and you can't find anywhere which stocks it. Quay Timber now offers bespoke skirting tailored to your specifications. Custom orders can be machined in a variety of materials, shapes and patterns including chamfered, torus and ogee.Custom machining costs vary depending on the size of the job and the materials needed. 

How To Build A Chopping Board in 7 Steps

One of the lads in our yard, Will, works weekends here at Quay Timber while he studies during the week. In his spare time he enjoys building things and is quickly becoming a talented craftsman! Last payday he spent his wages on some new machinery to work on his projects. 

Slowly building his toolshed, most recently, Will build a beautiful chopping board from some spare sapele hardwood in the Quay Timber woodshed. And just look at the results! 

Quay Timber Machines Newel Posts

Quay Timber has been upping its machining game producing its own newel posts to ensure quality and consistency for its customers. The most recent addition to Quay Timber's personal stock production are newel posts suitable for decking. High quality newel posts are currently on special offer on our site for £8.40 (+VAT). Buy now while the offer lasts!

5 DIY ideas for 2018

Its 2018! And what better way to start off the year than planning a few home improvements? New year’s resolutions might not always pan out the way you want them to, but here are a few ideas that could improve your year drastically!

1. A bar

Build your own bar and make your home party central! Wow your friends with not only your cocktail making abilities but your carpentry and taste. There are endless materials and inspirations for your own bar, Donna has used beech sleepers in this chic example.


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