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Get Decked Out for the Summer

Redwood decking

Do you love the outdoors and barbecues? A snazzy deck can help you cook in style. But before you break out the hammers and nails, you have a few decisions to make.

First order of business? Choosing a decking material that suits your desired aesthetic, lifestyle and budget.

To help you decide, here’s a comparison between two popular decking materials: composite and wood.

Composite decking

Quay Timber Bespoke Skirting Service

Quay Timber now has the ability to produce blocks for a spindle moulder, which enables quay timber to produce an entire range of custom skirting boards. We now have the capability to match any skirting mould up to 100mm deep, which comes in handy if you've recently moved into a grand old house given their often tall and unusual profiles.

How Larch Ages

Larch is a fantastic timber for outdoor construction. It provides a durable, malleable and attractive material which can really compliment any project.

However, builders beware! Without treatment, that bright firey wood that you found in the racks won't stay that way once it's exposed to the elements. A combination of water and sun erodes the surface of living wood cells and dries out it's natural oils.

How to Measure for a Fence

To measure a fence, there are several measurements you need to consider. These calcualtions will help you figure out the materials you will need for the task at hand. This guide will show you how to precisely measure your future fence, making it clear exactly how many fence boards, rails and posts to ask for whilst being served by the lovely folks down at Quay Timber.

Railway Sleepers 101

Railway Sleepers’ resilience have made them a staple in construction for years and their two hundred years of use on railway tracks are testament to their structural integrity. The dense logs will last for well over a lifetime and offer a durable, long lasting option when shaping your garden, home or workplace in an assortment of different ways.


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