Customer Projects

Upmarket Timber for Lowfell Developments

Former Quay Timber employee Kyle Spence has gone on to start his own joinery business. For the last year he has been busy working with Lowfell Developments on two up-market houses based in the heart of Lowfell.  

Quay Timber took a trip out to the site to see how their products are being used to create fences, decks, oak handrails and more.  

The Whickham Hermitage

Whickham Hermitage have been making good use of Quay Timber’s stock to make some improvements to their already flourishing garden. The walled community garden, which was first restored between 2004 and 2006 has installed an observation deck to soak in the garden’s beautiful atmosphere. 



If you've ever find yourself leaning against the bar on the Newcastle club circuit trying to grab the attention of a bartender, you might have unknowingly been in contact with some quality Quay Timber building materials!