Customer Projects

Raising the Bar

Donna has raised the bar for bars with some 1st grade beech sleepers. The heavy duty railway sleepers were a great choice of material for the sturdy bar, they provided the perfect centrepiece for Donna's cosy looking hideaway, the 'Woman Cave'.

The Woman Cave

LogLap for Lapdogs

The guys at J. A. S. Ramsay Ltd. have been busy building Kennels. The cladding supplied by Quaytimber is available as loglap, V jointed and tongue in groove and comes in redwood, cedar and larch varieties, all of which are perfectly suited to outdoor projects such as sheds, aesthetic overlays for existig structures and the kennels featured below.

Lofty Heights

A flock of racing pigeons enjoy a fantastic view over the Ousburne valley from their purpose-built loft. After three years of planning, Darren built from scratch using three-quarter inch plywood and spooned weatherboard cladding.

The roof of the loft is constructed aerodynamically to prevent draft whilst keeping the interior ventilated.

ventilated roof

Skate Supplies!

BigAye Skateboards are building an entirely different kind of deck using hardwoods sourced from QuayTimber. These minin-cruisers have been expertly crafted with top quality tulip wood, selected for it’s durable and attractive qualities, the hardwood is less likely to chip and crack during use. First, a jig saw is used to cut the board into shape, then it is sanded vigorously to give it a smooth finish and bring out the grain of the wood. 

Paul's Projects

Here’s what our talented member of staff Paul Potts has been getting up to when he’s not keeping our yard running smoothely. Paul has renewed this summerhouse using some of our V-Jointed treated Redwood and has done a fantastic job of showcasing its attractive utility as an outdoor cladding.