Customer Projects

Dressing up the House

If you feel as though your house could do with some more convenient storage, a better use of space or even just a fresh new look why not invest in some quality dressed redwood? We've already given written a blog providing 5 Reasons Why Redwood is a Goodwood for construction in general, however it is of particular use for indoor projects. The grain is attractive and it's pleasant odor has it being used in many air freshners.

The Wood Den Books

Grant from The Wooden Den has been busy machining these attractive oaken books from some American white oak from Quay Timber's hardwood range. The books would make the perfect personalised gift for any number of occasions. Weddings, birthdays, christenings and anniversaries could all be marked with one of these timeless plaques. Oak is ideal material for this type of milestone esque gift as a celtic symbol of purity, constancy and durability.

Bob's Football Haven

Ever feel like you need a little haven, away from everyday life? A space to clear your head and escape, or maybe just a nice spot to entertain a friend. You could do what Bob's done and build your own outdoor cabin, a living room in your back garden!

Keep scrolling to see how he did it...

Wood and Clay at the Kiln

The Ousburn Valley is an ever-expanding cultural hub, and when Richard began work on ‘Kiln’ his two-in-one bar and pottery studio, he decided to keep his suppliers local. 
Conveniently located directly opposite the new bar, Quay Timber was able to provide the Kiln team with all their timber needs...