Fence off the Windy Season

The breezy season is brining fences down all over the country! Make sure your fence stays up for good and fits your garden like a glove by using this handy guide on how to measure a fence. This will help you figure out exactly what materials you'll need for a job and make sure you don't come up short on boards, posts, rails or capping.

If you're planning on building a new fence, here's a few tips from the folks at Quay Timber.

Quay Tip 1: If you're conscious of the wind bringing down your hard work, keep an inch gap between the fenceboards to reduce wind resistance and strengthen the integrity of the fence. You could consider a shadowbox fence if you're wanting to maintain privacy.

Example of a sturdy looking shadow box fence.

Quay Tip 2: A good postcrete will fix your fenceposts in place quickly and easily, no mixing required. Just fill a third of the hole with concrete, dump dry concrete mix into the hole and cover the tarmac with another thin layer of water.

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Quay Tip 3: Once the posts are in the ground, run a string between each of them to mark an even level for the location of the rails. If you're clever with the measurements, can alternate the lengths of the rails to increase stability. 

Here's an example of what Quay Timber's own Paul Potts knocked up over the weekend using our products