How to Measure for a Fence

To measure a fence, there are several measurements you need to consider. These calcualtions will help you figure out the materials you will need for the task at hand. This guide will show you how to precisely measure your future fence, making it clear exactly how many fence boards, rails and posts to ask for whilst being served by the lovely folks down at Quay Timber.

The vast majority of fences use six inch boards, at Quay Timber we sell a range of widths

if using 4" boards, use 10 boards per metre

if using 5" boards, use 8 boards per metre

if using 6" boards, use 7 boards per metre

The following is a simple guide on how to measure for a fence.


How many Fence Boards do I need?

Divide 1metre / the width of the boards x the length of your fence = the amount of boards you need

How many Fence Posts do I need?

1 post 1.8 metres, for a sturdy framework use one bag of post mix per post.

How many Fence Rails do I need?

Length of the fence  /  the length of the rails (our stock lengths are 3.6m or 4.2m) x by three for top, bottom and middle rails.

                                     (for shorter fences you only need a top and bottom rail)

Capping (optional):

Length of the Fence / the length of the capping (our stock length is 3.6m)

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