Keep the Noise Down with Soundshield Fencing

Are you one of many who have to put up with your neighbours' obnoxious music blaring all the way from the adjacent house? Do you live near a busy road? Want to hear a little more nature and a little less lawnmower?

Quay Timber now stocks BSW Soundshield Fencing

You could invest in a 'domestic acoustic barrier' for your garden. Sounds pretty drastic right? Well its actually as simple as a well designed fencepanel from the lovely folks at BSW timber!

BSW soundshield acoustic fencing

Soundshield technology uses robust materials and sound dampening design to deflect sound waves. This can result in up to a 50% reduction in unwanted sound perception, keeping your garden peaceful whilst still looking fantastic. 

The fence panels are 1.83 metres in width, 1.8 metres high and come in packs of 20 half panels. Installation couldn't be easier, click here for a quick video guide

To inquire about purchasing some of these revolutionary fence boards, email or give us a call on 0191 224 0494