Ply Quality Imports

In recent years there have been worries voiced about the declining quality of plywood entering the UK, with many traders recieving ply which doesn't contain the same quality raw materials stated on their documentation. This subsequently has led to exterior plywood which barely stands up to the elements.

According to the Timber Trading Journal, EU imports of plywood increased by 8% in 2016, the highest ever recorded, this massive increase in demand and a competitive market is likely what has led to this distinct drop in quality.

However, the Timber Trade Association (TTF) has decided to intervene, meeting with the National Panel Products Division to implement more rigorous quality testing from third parties. This has increased the atmosphere of competition in the market with a greater focus on quality of raw materials and product composition. The increased legislation is great news for both traders and customers, as it means only the best products will be in circulation, ensuring happy customers and better sales! 

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