Railway Sleepers 101

Railway Sleepers’ resilience have made them a staple in construction for years and their two hundred years of use on railway tracks are testament to their structural integrity. The dense logs will last for well over a lifetime and offer a durable, long lasting option when shaping your garden, home or workplace in an assortment of different ways.

At Quay Timber we stock both reclaimed and brand new railway sleepers. The two can appear vastly different, with reclaimed sleepers looking gnarled and rustic and the new maintaining their original lustre. Sleepers which have been reclaimed from the railways cannot be used indoors as they have been treated with creosote which is a toxic hazard. Sleepers come in varying woods and grades of quality, with lower grades having imperfections, dints and in some cases bark.

Outdoors, railway sleepers can be used to elevate, retain and enhance your garden. The potential is endless when it comes to landscaping. Railway sleepers provide the ideal material for raised beds, planters, retaining walls, edging, steps, terracing, block paving or water features.

Railway sleepers for the garden

Indoor sleepers

Indoors, sleepers can be used to fashion furniture such as benches, tables or beds. These appliances can give your home a unique aesthetic. A railway sleeper could provide a sturdy mantelpiece or shelf, and at Quay timber we have the capabilities to machine your timber to custom specifications to provide you with the precise measurements you’ll need to construct your perfect furnishings.

Indoor sleepers for livingroom