Ship Lap Ship Shed

Here's a fantastic example of shiplap cladding put to use. Some tongue and groove cladding has been used to construct a Marina shed. Shiplap is a form of cladding which utilizes a sliding joint The distinctive firey orange colour of this building is thanks to the use of cedar. which is a hardy softwood. This is the perfect material for a waterfront building as it provides great protection from the elements and is watertight when constructed using tongue and groove boards. Additionally, the wood provides good insulation and, if looked after properly, can last for decades.

This marina building is built to last!

Cedar is easy to install and is a sustainable, attractive building material: the perfect cost-effective way to reduce your carbon footprint. It can be stained in any colour or can be left in it's unique firy orange hue which slowly fades into a beautiful silvery grey. 

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