Why Build a Deck in Winter?

Decking on Ice

It might seem like a strange idea to build a deck when it's cold outside. After all, what good is a brand new garden deck if you can't sit out and enjoy the sun? You'll spend all that time out in the cold and have to wait until the next year before you can reap the benefits! However there is a very important, lesser known reason why it is better to install a deck during the colder months.

It is better to install a deck in the winter because the heat and sun makes your deck warp.

Most soft wood will lose about 50% of its moisture content in the first couple of months after treatment. If it spends this time in a hot and sunny garden, it will thaw unevenly and cause the deck to bend, crack and warp out of shape, causing your deck to twist. In colder months your deck will settle more evenly and remain in place.

How the seasons affect wood growth

This effect can also be seen in the rings of a growing tree. As this diagram shows, the wood grows in a tighter grain in the cooler months, and a tight grain makes for stronger more reliable wood. This is why all our decking is "Södra" Skandinavian Redwood sourced from Taylor Maxwell.

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