Why You Should Invest in American White Oak

American white oak is extremely popular for interior joinery, furniture construction and flooring, this is largely due to the favourable properties of the timber. Read on for more details on why American white oak is a fantastic choice of material. 

Quay Timber Stock Photo of American White Oak

It's Long Lasting

As a hardwood, American white oak is a durable and reliable building material. It has been used for hundreds of years in grand old homes, shipbuilding, wine barrels and even weaponry! 

For woodworking projects, American white oak is slightly preferred to red oak as it is less likely to shrink (it's closed grain is less porous and water resistant).

White oak is notably harder than its red oak relative which, along with its neutral colouring, allows it to accept stains more evenly. This means that it is better suited for use in interior features which are not only long-lasting and high quality, but also very attractive. 


It's a DIY Dream

With quality of the end product in mind, a bad craftsman blames his tools. Thankfully, white oak is a great material to work with, whether being machined, sawn, planed, molded, sanded, nailed drilled or glued. This easy to use material

Quay Tip: Because of its extreme hardness, oak can quickly dull tools and cause burning. Sharpen tools regularly and ensure that powertools are operated at apropriate speeds to avoid burning whilst working with oak. 


It Fits Every Setting

As a choice for flooring, American white oak has enjoyed great popularity. This isn't only due to its reputation for longevity, but also it's enduring beauty. It can lend both a modern yet timeless style to any space. 

American white oak commonly has a pale-yellow colour, with certain species varying into slightly more pink hue. The grain of the wood is straight and coarse, great if you're looking for a more textured look. The difference between American white oak and it's European cousin is slight, but the American species has a somewhat bolder and straighter grain than its European cousin, it is also generally lighter in colour. This mean that it fits nicely in either a well-lit room filled with natural light, or a darker space, adding depth and contrast.   

For example, just take a look at the amazing results the Scotts of Alnmouth Deli and Cafe have achieved in two very different lights using American White Oak. 


A gorgeously crafted white oak counter-top The white oak takes on a warm golden appearance in a cosier setting.Natural light can bring out the best of white oak's distinctive grain

If you're sold on American white oak, check out Quay Timber's Range online, or come down to the yard and see our full range of hardwood flooring!